Here’s How it Works



The items and costs below are representative of key resources for our program. Select a recurring amount or give one of your choosing.



By donating to Neighborhood you will be supporting our Leader’s journey out of poverty to self-sufficiency.



Through your continued generosity, we can provide skill training, personal development, and career placement for our incredible neighbors.


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Invest in Personal Development

Understanding internal and external barriers to self-sufficiency and developing ways to overcome them is critical to succeeding in a new career.


Career Assessment

We use multiple proven testing resources to set our Leaders on a path to success.


Classroom Supplies

Pens, pencils, notebooks, props, games, markers, and other teaching supplies for effective learning.



We provide laptops for digital skill training, resume writing, and classroom work.


Personal Development Bundle

Help our Leaders build the foundation for the rest of their career journey through interactive classes in customer service, conflict resolution, resume writing, interviewing, and other 21st-century job skills. They will also learn to be confident in their strengths and overcome any barriers that stand in their way.



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Every one of our Leaders receives a full scholarship to a certification, apprenticeship, or internship in a growing professional industry.



Leaders prepare for vocational training through adjunct teachers and speciality classes if necessary.



Occasionally, we call on trained experts to help our Leaders and Allies navigate stress and barriers.


Crisis Management

Our Relief Fund prevents unexpected barriers - like a flat tire - from derailing a Leader’s progress.


Skill Development Bundle

Our South Norfolk neighbors are ready to fill the many job openings of wonderful local employers. Help move them into a thriving career in Accounting, Advanced Manufacturing, Construction, HVAC, Medical Services, Legal Office, Welding, and more.



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Invest in A Family of Support

Our leaders aren’t in this alone. Through it all, they are surrounded by like-minded peers, caring neighbors, and a staff willing to do whatever it takes.


Ally Training

Volunteers who believe in the possibility of their neighbors get on-site training and on-going support.


Family Gatherings

All of our Leaders and their Ally share a weekly community meal to encourage and support one another.



We celebrate every success along the way, and pass the baton to the next class of Leaders.


Family Bundle

Neighborhood is a family and it’s essential that we invest in this community. You can help our neighbors continue make South Norfolk a thriving place to live, work, and belong.



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